Monday, February 10, 2014

The lovliest chocolate shop in Paris: a novel with recipes by Jenny Colgan

Since chocolate is my very favorite go-to day with stress snack, this book was a no-brainer.
Anna Trent works in a chocolate factory in England. She makes ordinary chocolate for the masses, enjoys her work, but .... she has an accident which opens up doors!  She gets the opportunity to work in Paris at Le Chapeau Chocolat.  This chocolate shop is the elite chocolatier, serving chocolate made fresh every day.  Lovely descriptions of paris, the light, the sound, the energy.  Describing  her roomates, falling in love, repairing old wounds.
A delightful book, and it does have recipes in the back of the book which sound amazing and definitely not diet food.
One thing - a specialty of Le Chapeau Chocolat - a sweet made with pepper - lots of pepper  --  who knew?

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