Thursday, February 06, 2014

Still life with bread crumbs by Anna Quindlen

 The weather cooperated - a day of snow - too much to go to work.  Fortunately I had prepared with a book!
Rebecca Winter, a photographer, at the end of her agent's interest, has rented out her New York apartment so she can afford her Mother's nursing home fee, her Father's rent, her health insurance, and afford to rent a cottage in the country.
She meets Jim Bates, a roofer, who  removes a  raccoon  from her attic and repairs the damage.   He is much younger than she, but there is an attraction of sorts between them.
Rebecca begins hiking the woods and hills with her camera, enjoying the sounds and scents of the forest.  She discovers small tableaux of a cross and various items left randomly in the woods, and photographs every one she finds.
There are many levels in this book, unexpected love, spiritual growth, a career that was dying being re-kindled.  As usual Anna Quindlen has a great sense of place and  stories that connect in ways that she does so well.  A thoroughly satisfying day - except for the shoveling!

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