Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Wellesley Wives by Suzy Duffy

With a name like Popsy for the main character, how can this be anything but a book from the suburbs!
Sandra and Popsy are best friends from Wellesley, who have an extravagant (to say the least!) lifestyle, and think nothing of spending $20,000 on a shopping spree.
When the mud hits the fan so to speak - they're broke, somewhat divorced and/or widowed - needless to say a huge lifestyle change.  Children's problems ensue.
However, in spite of the annoying money spending - a Ferrari for a birthday present - give me a break, this book is pretty entertaining.  The characters are interesting and as the back cover says "never dull".
It's not the greatest book I've ever read, but liked the characters, and they rang true to themselves, a satisfactory ending was enjoyed by all!

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