Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Vatican Waltz by Roland Merullo

Roland Merullo is one of my most favorite local authors.   When the library had a book talk with him, it was one of the most well attended we ever had.  Everyone who grew up in Revere was here - a fun evening.
This book is also set in Revere, MA, but so different.  Cynthia Piantedosi lives in Revere quietly with her Father.  After her Grandmother dies, she begins experiencing "spells" of intense spiritual intimacy.  She discusses these spells with her local parish priest, and he encourages her to explore her faith.  Cynthia eventually travels to the Vatican, her first time seeing Rome, to meet Cardinal Rosario.  The book examines the intricate structure of faith, and personal faith, and  it grows in intensity along with Cynthia's quest to go to Rome.  The ending is an amazing surprise that you will have to read for yourself, and I won't spoil your pleasure.

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