Friday, December 20, 2013

The Time between by Karen White

A lovely inter-connected story of two generations of sisters, and the secrets they hold, and how difficult it is to find the truth.
Eleanor Murray feels responsible for the accident that put her sister  in a wheelchair, and guilty about  her feelings for her sister's husband.
She plays piano at a bar at night to help with family  expenses, until the night her boss from her daytime job walks in and offers her a job helping his elderly aunt recover from the death of her sister Bernadett.
The story gradually peels like an onion, layer by layer, truth peeking out from the conversations.    Each set of sisters has a back story, and the truth of their lives seems hard to come by, but as we know, truth will always surface.
This story, with the scent of the Carolina pluff-mud and Edisto Island,  has great characters, and  a pleasant ending, --  a good way to spend an afternoon.

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