Monday, October 07, 2013

Bodies of water by T. Greenwood

in 1960 Billie Valentine lives in a small Massachusetts suburb.
A new family moves in across the street with three children, and a fourth soon.  The Eva and Billie  begin an affair which lasts until one of the husbands finds out.  a beating, a sale of the house, and the two women never see each other again.   Billie hears at some point that her lover has died in a car accident.  Fifty years later - Eva's son Johnny contacts Billie (now in her 80's) and wants her to come East to meet him.  Once there, she learns the truth about what happened to Eva.  This was one of those lovely books that unfolds slowly.  Since I grew up in the 60's  I understood the times and how things had to be hidden if you were to survive.  No one was allowed to be different than anyone else.  These women leaned on each other to survive their empty and abusive marriages, and only wanted to love each other and raise their children.    I won't tell you what happened at the end of the book, but please, have a tissue close by.

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