Monday, August 26, 2013

The white princess by Philippa Gregory

If you even remotely like historical fiction, you probably have read some of  Philippa Gregory's books.  
This book, sent in the 1400's follows Elizabeth of York, and Henry Tudor during their marriage.  As all kings/queens it is a marriage necessary to bring peace to England, and hardly does that.  Neither loves each other for the first 10 years or so, then come to love each other, then not.  It's not all that great to be a princess.
The book is an amazing fictional account of history, and so readable, I kept reading a couple of pages as I passed through the room the book was in, just to see what was happening on the next page.  Philippa Gregory is a wonderful  historical writer, the characters are so vivid, their faults so human you will be unable to put the book aside.  Even if you 'never' read historical fiction - give this a try - you'll go back to read some of her other books.

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