Friday, August 16, 2013

Pearl, by Tabitha King

There was an article in the NY Times Magazine a couple of weeks ago about the writing King family from Maine - Stephen, Tabitha, Joe Hill, etc., and in the article was a mention of Pearl which I had never read.  This series of books set in Nodds Ridge were noted as her best.  I've read Steven King, but not Tabitha - time for a change!
A young woman, Pearl, is on the way to Nodds Ridge to see the house she has inherited from her Grandmother Gussie.  It's a country community with the usual cast of characters, all crusty Yankees.  Pearl will not sell the house - she's going to live in it - shocking everyone - in addition to the fact that she is a black woman - another surprise.  The writing is so good even I slowed down to appreciate the turn of a phrase.  The characters are so well developed you would think they lived next door.   Romance, a family tragedy, a new business venture - all wind together and make a lovely story.  Now I need to read the others.

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