Monday, August 05, 2013

Island girls by Nancy Thayer

Who wouldn't want to spend some time in August on Nantucket Island?   I did last weekend -- sort of!
curled up on the deck (in Dover) with Island girls in my hand.   Three daughters reunite with each other, a couple of half  sisters, and  a step, because their father has died. To inherit his  house in Nantucket they must spend July & August together in the house, or they will not inherit.  The usual goes on in this sort of lovely beach read, squabbling over who gets which room, parties to attend, men to meet - you get the drift...  Each girl has a different mother,(Dad it seems was a charmer) and that gets thoroughly discussed.  A lovely way to spend a weekend - but would have been much better to have actually been on Nantucket!

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