Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Letters from Skye by Jessica Brockmole

March 1912: 24 year old Elspeth Dunn, has never seen the world beyond her homeland on Scotland's remote Isle of Skye.   She receives a "fan" letter from a college student in America after reading her book of poetry.
She is astounded someone actually read one of her books, and starts a correspondence with David Graham.  This correspondence lasts until 1917 when one of David's war-time friends writes her that he has died in France.  This is a lovely, loving book.  Watching the love grow in these letters from these people who take years to actually meet each other and to feel the light-years away from the world that the Island of Skye is, is a story you just want to keep on reading, but darn, it ends on page 290!
I've just found out that my great-grandparents emigrated from Skye to Nova Scotia, and that is why I picked up the book -- so glad I did - it's a gem.

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