Monday, June 03, 2013

The apple orchard/ susan wiggs

  Susan Wiggs is a dependable  writer.  Her stories have lots of threads which tie together neatly at the end.  There is usually a tear or two that falls somewhere while reading the book.  Her characters are very likable and human.   this is just such a book.   Tess Delaney, a single woman makes a living restoring stolen treasures to their rightful owners.
Tess has never met here father, her mother spends more time traveling than with her only daughter.  Tess discovers a grandfather she never knew and a sister, because she has been named in her grandfathers' will to inherit half of his apple orchard in the Sonoma CA area.
Life seems impossible for Tess, deadlines, busy busy life and work work work - all comes to a halt, when she meets her Grandfather, who is in a coma after a fall from an apple ladder.  Lovely story, wonderful characters, a few plot twists, and some great apple recipes, the apple chutney is the one I'm trying first~!

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