Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

Life After Life by Kate Atkinson is a strange, bewildering, but sublime novel. Is it even really a novel? I'm not sure. If it is, I don't know what genre it belongs in. I do know that while the style of the book took a little getting used to, it was easily one of the most engrossing books I have read in a very long time.  There's a great deal of history in this book, but in essence the book is about the Todd family as seen through the eyes of middle sister Ursula. What happens to her, and what doesn't happen, what happens again and again, all these things add up to the story of the Todd's, Great Britain, and the World in the first half of the twentieth century. If that seems an odd description, you're right, it is. Just read the book and then you'll understand exactly what I mean!

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