Monday, May 06, 2013

Shiver by Karen Robards

This book is great for an evening to be entertained, not knowing who the bad guys really are and whom is telling the truth.  Samantha Jones is a single Mom with a 4 year old (adorable!) son who runs a business as a tow-truck driver, and is going to EMT school to make a better life for herself, and raising her son with absolutely no help from the child's father.  How was that for a run on sentence!  She's out at 2 in the AM looking for a BMW to tow, and in the trunk is a trussed bleeding man with a bullet hole in his leg.  She hooks the car to the tow truck and takes off.  The bad guys follow.  Is the man she saved a good/bad guy and how can she tell, he's all bloody for heavens sake.
Involved in the shenanigans are, in no particular order, the FBI,a  Drug Cartel, really mean men with guns in general, and  a crooked FBI person.  Great adventure reading if you suspend reality a bit.  The ending was a bit too quickly arrived at, but what do you want for a couple of pleasant reading hours.  I like her books anyway, so try this one too.

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