Monday, April 29, 2013

Orphan train: a novel by Christina Baker Kline

I've heard of the orphan trains, sent from the East Coast to the Midwest with thousands of abandoned children.  Some were welcomed into families, some were used as brutal farm laborers. this book is a fictional account of an orphan train rider, now at the end of her life, and a young girl who has been in foster care for many years with all the problems that entails.  The orphan train side of the story is fascinating, and there is no way it would be allowed today, to just give children away at a train depot, and not have any oversight on the homes they were going to.   The time period is contemporary Maine, and Depression-era Minnesota.  Even though this is a fictional account of the time, it makes for gripping reading, and you really want to finish the book and google 'orphan train' to read some of the real stories.

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