Monday, February 25, 2013

The good house by Ann Leary

This book is set in Wendover, MA on  Boston's north shore (does it sound like Andover?).  Hildy Good (a descendant of a witch hung in Salem) is a real estate agent, mother and grandmother.  She drinks a little too much wine now and then and her daughters have done an intervention with her (she calls it an inquisition) and has spent some time in rehab.   She feels alone, but finds a friend in Rebecca,  a new neighbor who knows nothing of her rehab so she can  drink wine with her and not feel like a criminal.
There are all sorts of old odd friends that surface, her ex husband with whom she is peacefully divorced (he was gay and finally told her), a former boyfriend who she has a brief fling with, and others.  She's lived in Wendover  all her life and knows everybody.    This is all about her finally growing up, figuring out what is important in her life, and how she handles the  traumatic things that keep happening around her.
I read this book over a snowy weekend and it was really a very 'New England' story of complicated relationships and how responsible we are for each other.

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