Friday, January 11, 2013

The Thieves of Legend by Richard Doetsch

Michael St. Pierre and his ex-girlfriend, KC Ryan, have been blackmailed by a U.S. Army colonel. They are to travel to opposite ends of China, and each is responsible for stealing a piece of an ancient puzzle: a diary and a compass. With their lives dependent on each other's success, they must face off against the complex underworld of the Chinese triads, a twisted female assassin, and a madman whose only desire is to possess the secrets held within the pages of the diary--knowledge that would give him enormous power and lead to the downfall of nations. Moving from the glittering casinos of Macau to its dark and dangerous backstreets; from the palace at the heart of China's Forbidden City to the medieval castles of Spain; from the seaside mansions along the Amalfi Coast to an uncharted Pacific island, Michael is in a race against time. He has less that five days to uncover a five-hundred-year-old mystery--and to save KC from certain death.
The Thieves of Legend is the fourth book in the Michael St. Pierre thieves series. The other titles are  The Thieves of HeavenThe Thieves of Faith, and The Thieves of Darkness.

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