Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk by Ben Fountain

A finalist for the National Book Award, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk is a poignant, riotously funny, and exquisitely heartbreaking portrait of our time!
After a ferocious firefight with Iraqi insurgents has transformed the eight surviving men of Bravo Squad into America's most sought-after heroes, the Bush administration has sent them on a media-intensive nationwide Victory Tour to reinvigorate public support for the war. Now on this chilly and rainy Thanksgiving, the Bravos are guests of the Dallas Cowboys and are slated to be part of the halftime show alongside the pop group Destiny's Child.
Over the course of this day Specialist William Lynn, the Silver Star–winning hero of the firefight, will begin to understand difficult truths about himself, his country, his struggling family, and his brothers-in-arms—soldiers both dead and alive. In the final few hours before returning to Iraq, Billy will drink and brawl, yearn for home and mourn those missing, face a heart-wrenching decision, and discover pure love and a bitter wisdom far beyond his years.

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