Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

I started writing, “The Gargoyle is the story of…” and realized that the narrator has no name. It just now occurred to me. That gives you an idea of how deeply engrossed I was in this story. The narrator is a burn victim, but a very unsympathetic one considering his accident occurred while driving under the influence. He’s an unrepentant pornographer, atheist, drug addict and womanizer. While recovering in the hospital he gets a visit from a woman who claims to have known him before…in the 1300s. She has been searching all her life to find him. Because he has nowhere to go and is more than a little curious about Marianne, he moves in with her. What proceeds is a love story unlike any other. Not only does she tell the story of their life and love, but she shares four different love stories that bolster her belief in love and redemption.

Although this story has been told before: remorseless man meets woman who changes his life and he’s no longer remorseless…it has never been told quite like this.


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