Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Sister

Last night I put down The Sister by Poppy Adams. I would say that I finished it but I actually just skimmed the last fifty pages. It started out interestingly enough. Estranged sisters Vivienne (Vivi) and Virginia (Ginny) haven’t seen each other in fifty years when suddenly, without reason, Vivienne returns home. The story then flashes back to the girls’ childhood and events (a fall off a bell tower, an expulsion from school) that shaped their lives and culminated in the biggest event of all – the death of their mother and Vivi’s adamant refusal to ever step foot in the family home again. The story would have been somewhat satisfying had it given me any answers. I never found out why Vivienne returned home so suddenly after fifty years and I started to wonder if anything that Ginny recounted actually happened. It is further bogged down with all of Ginny’s references to her and her father’s life work – the study of the moth. The novel ended up being more about the relationship between Ginny and the moths and less about Ginny and Vivi.

- Eris

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  1. I loved the end of this book! WHile I thought it wrapped up a bit too quickly, I definitely didn't see it coming! But then I'm always SHOCKED at the end of mystery stories so maybe that's just me...