Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner

This book is no "Good in Bed". Coincidentally, the protagonist of "Certain Girls" (Cannie Shapiro) is dragging her feet about writing a sequel to her long-ago published novel. Hmmm. "Certain Girls" does read a bit like it was written in a hurry. Alternating chapters voice both Cannies' concerns as a mother and those of her daughter growing up under her thumb allow the reader an endearing peak into that oh so complex relationship between mothers and daughters.
The book is somewhat sloppily edited and some fairly obvious chronological inconsistences exist ("Knuffle Bunny" for example would have been published when Cannies' daughter was nine or ten--long past the age where it would be an appropriate bedtime story.) But despite the slightly pandering tone, fans of Weiners should be pleased overall.

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