Friday, June 29, 2007

The Blue Cheer by Ed Lynskey

Set in the mountains of southeastern West Virginia, Ed Lynskey's latest begins with former private detective Frank Johnson chopping wood outside his newly acquired mountain cabin. A few pages later, Frank has found a Stinger missle, gotten pistol-whipped by an unknown assailant, and been found by his one friend, a former CIA officer who refers to Frank as "babe." Thus begins a brief (the book is about 225 pages long) but wild ride that includes a high body count (through some rather gory deaths), officials both corrupt and inept, hatemongers of all sorts, family in prison and friends in high places, and the granny woman that is a staple of all fiction set in Appalachia. This would be a good, quick read for lovers of hard-boiled detective stories or thrillers. -Inanna

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