Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Very Virile Viking

The Very Virile Viking by Sandra Hill The year is 1000. Magnus Ericsson is a simple Viking man who likes farming and women. He’s not ashamed of either of those, but with 11 living children, he’s become a laughingstock. Magnus decides to take his nine youngest children and head for the New World, but ends up in a very strange place called Holly Wood. The last thing Angela needs in her life is another creep like her ex-husband, but Magnus might just have a good heart buried under all that macho bluster. And the Blue Dragon, her family’s struggling vineyard, is certainly in need of help – in fact, her grandmother had been praying for a man for Angela and lots of children for the big farmhouse. There might be a bit too much praise for Wal-Mart and pizza delivery, but the romance is sizzling and the story highly amusing. This book, one of a series of Viking romances, is for readers looking for humor and a bit of fantasy in a sexy contemporary setting.

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