Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dark Tort by Diane Mott Davidson

This latest addition to Mott Davidson’s series involving caterer Goldy Schulz is a wonderful example of an amateur investigator mystery. In Dark Tort, Goldy’s friend is found murdered in a local law firm, and because the victim’s mother is convinced the police aren’t doing enough to find the culprit, she asks Goldy to “find out what happened.” Over the course of her investigation, Goldy uncovers a vast amount of clues and red herrings, to the point where the reader almost has too much information, and one wonders how could this all be a) relevant and b) tied together in the end? Through Mott Davidson’s clever writing and wry humor, everything is resolved at the climax and the main characters are once again restored to their usual states of peace. This book is full of memorable characters and even more memorable recipes, for Mott Davidson includes the recipes for all the dishes Caterer Goldy Schulz prepares in the book. Mott Davidson’s mysteries are a joy to read because her characters are realistic and her plots riveting.
If you enjoyed this book, please consider the following : Fiction Recommendation #1 : Cherry Cheesecake Murder by Joanne Fluke. This is a novel (part of a series) that has a similar premise to Mott Davidson’s books. The main character (Hannah) is a baker who enjoys solving crimes on the side. However, readers may find that this heroine isn’t as interesting at Goldy Schulz. There are plenty of yummy recipes, though.
Fiction Recommendation #2 : Chopping Spree by Diane Mott Davidson. This earlier book finds Goldy catering at a newly renovated shopping mall and investigating the death of a former classmate. Complications arise when her catering assistant, Julian, is arrested for the murder.Nonfiction Recommendation #1 : Working the Plate: The Art of Food Presentation by Christopher Styler. If you are really into food preparation, then this cook book might be for you. With many different styles given by many different chefs, the reader will learn many different ways of ‘plating.’

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